8 songs, 7 years of resistance, 6 weeks of pre and post production, 5 major hurdles, 4 souls at constant unrest, 3 countries, 2 brothers and 1 broken leg, this is DYING TO SEE THE LIGHT.

Chapter one: 8 songs.

Fear has been a constant companion with regular visits from diffidence for Bhaira. The 8 of major incidents in the life of the band have been brought to life in the form of 8 songs. 

Chapter two: 7 years of resistance.

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge” Charles Darwin. The price of being considerate, understanding and giving into other’s wishes was 7 years. 7 very precious years. 

Chapter three: 6 weeks of pre and post production.

One of The driving forces of the 7 years resistance was lack of financial faculties. 6 weeks of sleepless persistence, hunger, planning and execution bears quite fruitful indeed.

Chapter four: 5 major hurdles.

How can we sleep or eat, when we have put in more than 100% in preparation recording and all 8 songs and the hard drive thats supposed to store all the songs randomly collapses before mixing and costing us two songs, the one interface used to record and mix the songs stops working before re-recording the two songs, the frontman’s visa on the verge of expiring, Covid-19 stops the one income source, recording vocals in an apartment with absolute thin walls because affording a studio is absolutely impossible. 

Chapter five: 4 souls at unrest. 

A mother who is the least bit confident in the band’s success despite her confidence in the band’s potential. A father who seeks to provide us with funds to get by but struggles to keep up with LA from India. The drummer, unable to play his drums to his hearts content. The guitarist and vocalist claims the responsibility of everyone’s unrest.

Chapter six: 3 countries.

Born in India, performed multiple times every week in Japan, making appearances in webzines and magazines for their outstanding performance while opening for international bands, earning the vocalist the nickname “the scream machine”, building a solid resume and moving to America. 

Chapter seven: 2 brothers.

Everything comes together here. Two brothers that compose, write lyrics, record their instruments, mix, master, design logos and album artwork, direct and film music videos, are camera men, film editors. Facing all sorts of hurdles without any support, neither from their friends nor family for 7 years. Not knowing when to give up. Rather giving up was never an option.

Chapter eight: 1 broken leg.

Thanks to actors like Christian bale, method acting was the first choice for the vocalist when it came to acting in a music video. To look the part the vocalist went on a water diet for 10 days before the filming. An intense scene in the video causes an obvious blackout resulting in the vocalist falling and breaking his knee. The very next day, the filming continued despite the broken leg! Because we are Bhaira, and this is what we fucking do.

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