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Bhaira, a metal duo hailing from Los Angeles, is comprised of the two brothers, Ajay Brahmandam on guitar/vocals and Sanjay Brahmandam on drums.


The concept of the songs are different from the clichéd metal concepts such as life and death, instead, the band focuses more on educating their listeners by shedding light on the current manmade atrocities around the globe by assuming the role of the bad guy.

Bhaira have performed live in India and Japan at various venues and events along with international acts such as, Sight of Emptiness, Bloodshot Dawn, Psycroptic, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gorguts, Krisiun, Ne Obliviscaris and many more.

With the early influences of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Gojira and Slipknot, the band finds it very easy to maintain a constant level of extreme energy, projecting out to the audiences they’ve won at live shows.


Bhaira are best known for their stunning stage performance, and just came out with their debut single “Baigan” in the form of a music video.

Stay tuned for their upcoming single "Eat My Dick", releasing on November 2, 2019.