Bhaira is a heavy, dark metal band that oozes high energy and emotions. The brothers, Ajay (guitars and vocals) and Sanjay (drums), recognizing the outlaw nature of metal, have carefully crafted their skills over a period of 11 years with influences extending across almost all genres and styles of music, and incorporating their various influences into Bhaira.


Their usage of innovative and wide range of instruments, presents a new genre of music that has its heart and soul in metal. So far they have a proven track record of putting up high-octane energy live shows, leaving the fans wanting more. Their crowd involvement makes everyone in the audience feel at home, a part of something larger than life.


Dying To See The Light, Bhaira’s first studio album that was carefully put together out of absolute rage and spite towards their unfortunate current circumstances, is a mere sample of what they are capable of and a testimony to their sheer will to plough through almost anything.

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